Power Ranking all Offensive position groups of the Baltimore Ravens

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Mark Andrews
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3. Tight Ends

Mark Andrews stands tall as the unquestioned starter and no. 1 player at the position and maybe even the pass-catching corps as a whole. Lamar Jackson loves him and his targets are going nowhere even with the many additions made to the wide receiver unit.

Andrews's only drawback has been occasional injuries that have sidelined him, but he's displayed incredible resilience and his talent is undeniable, perhaps second only to one player across the NFL landscape.

Behind Andrews, the Ravens feature Isaiah Likely as TE2, at least for now ahead of TE3 Charlie Kolar.

A unit is a unit, for sure, but when it comes to tight ends no team really boasts more than a legitimate top-tier player, and considering Andrews is a Top 2 player at the position that alone places this "unit" this high in the Ravens' rankings.