4 over/unders for Rashod Bateman with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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The Baltimore Ravens season is just around the corner. It will be a massive season for many people, but not many will have more on the line than Rashod Bateman. So, what should we expect? Mike Clay of ESPN makes the projections for fantasy football and usually has accurate predictions. What does he see Rashod Bateman doing for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023?

Over or Under 46 catches of 73 targets for Rashod Bateman with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

For his career, he is targeted 5.3 times per game, and he hauls in 3.4 catches per game. Based on the Mike Clay projections, he would have to seee 4.9 targets per game, then 3.1 catches per game. So, a slight drop from his typical average would still be fine. Of course, he has to stay healthy for 15 games.

Bateman has just 61 catches over two seasons on 96 targets. Still, in just one season he had 46 catches on 68 targets, and that was in 12 games. Bateman was targeted a bit less in year two, mainly because his average depth of target went from 8.8 to 13.4 as he became a deep threat. So, the marks could go up with the catches staying the same.

Still, Beckham has injury questions, and Flowers is a rookie. Lamar Jackson said that Rashod Bateman is still the top dog this year. If Bateman is healthy, he can hit his career rates, and go over on all accounts.

Over 46 catches, over 73 targets

Over or Under 605 yards for Rashod Bateman with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

To get to 605 yards Bateman would need to hit 41 yards per game. He averages 44.4 for his career, and 47.5 last year. His rookie season was 42.9. The competition is higher, but as we noted, the targets are getting deeper, and the yards per catch jumped from 11.2 to 19. Mike Clay currently has him averaging just 13.2 yards per catch. We see him averaging more yards per catch, and having more catches, so we definitely go over here.

over 605 yards

Over or Under three touchdowns for Rashod Bateman with Baltimore Ravens in 2023

This is a tough one. Bateman has just three touchdowns in his career. So, that is three touchdowns per 800 yards, 90 targets, and 61 catches. Now, Clay has him with three on 605 yards, 73 targets, and 46 catches. Even with us going over on all of the above we realize what Bateman is and is not. He is a deep threat and will have big plays for big yards. Still, only so many of those find pay dirt.

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In the red zone, Lamar Jackson is the man. Then, the running backs, and then it is Mark Andrews and Odell Beckham, who we will be looking over on. For Bateman, he will be making the plays that put the team in the red zone. We may think three is the right number, but we will go under.

Under 3 touchdowns