Pros and Cons of Ravens taking chance on Jamal Adams in free agency

Could Adams resurrect his career in Baltimore?
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The Baltimore Ravens have two of the best safeties in the game at their disposal in Kyle Hamilton and Marcus Williams. However, with the competition for the third safety role between Ar'Darius Washington and rookie Sanoussi Kane looking uninspiring, Baltimore seems to have some interest in Jamal Adams as a possible role player.

Adams, who struggled mightily during the end of his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks, is trying to regain the form he had as an All-Pro with the New York Jets. The Ravens are never averse to giving a veteran player a shot to get their career back on the right track.

The Ravens need to be aware of what a firecracker any Adams contract can be. His Jets and Seahawks careers illustrated how impressive the highs and crushing the lows can be if his very specific set of skills doesn't mesh with what Baltimore wants to do defensively.

Pros and Cons of Baltimore Ravens signing Jamal Adams


Adams may remind some Ravens fans of Jadeveon Clowney, a former No. 1 pick coming off multiple disappointing seasons. Once Clowney found a role in a specific scheme, he blossomed and earned another huge payday. Adams, still just 28 years old, could be in for a similar bump in production.

Adams is a very limited player, but he can still tackle well in the open field and get downhill to make plays. He also plays with a very aggressive demeanor that Baltimore will love, especially after losing two of their best open-field playmakers in Patrick Queen and Geno Stone.

Jamal Adams could be an asset for the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore is likely going to run many three-safety formations next season, and even a compromised Adams would be a better fit in that role than Washington or the rookie Kane. Adams could also give new defensive coordinator Zach Orr the freedom to let Kyle Hamilton and Marcus Williams play further away from the line of scrimmage.

Assuming the Ravens don't convert 6-2 rookie cornerback T.J. Tampa to safety, that area might have the worst depth of any position on the defense. Looking at the free agent market, there aren't many players better than Adams that may also remain a fairly cost-effective option. A Justin Simmons mega-deal seems unrealistic.