Pros and Cons of Ravens taking chance on Jamal Adams in free agency

Could Adams resurrect his career in Baltimore?
Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens
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Adams may be less of a Clowney and more of an Earl Thomas. While Thomas was more successful in Seattle and signed a hefty four-year contract, his decline in productivity, coupled with a prickly demeanor that made him unpleasant to be around, ended his Ravens tenure after just one season.

Adams left Seattle with plenty of controversy, as he took personal shots at a reporter and his wife for having the audacity to criticize his poor play. In such a pivotal season, will Baltimore roll the dice on a player who is prone to making some very loud statements every now and again?

Jamal Adams could turn out poorly for the Baltimore Ravens

There's a reason Seattle ditched him so quickly after giving him one of the biggest contracts in NFL history for a defensive back, as his coverage skills went from above-average in New York to genuinely poor in Seattle. With just 22 games played in the last three years, injuries have clearly hurt him to the point where he can be considered a semi-liability in coverage.

Signing a safety the rest of the league seems to have admitted is poor at dropping back into coverage (you know, the thing safeties do more than anything else) could be nightmarish for the Ravens if Adams continues his physical decline.