Pros and Cons of Ravens taking chance on Jamal Adams in free agency

Could Adams resurrect his career in Baltimore?
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The Ravens should go after Adams, as he is likely not going to demand anything more than a one-year contract for a reasonable amount of money if he is being advised well. Adams will no longer be relied upon as one of the key members of the defense and can instead slink into a more limited capacity.

Adams may not be ready for a linebacker conversion, but that won't stop the Ravens from finding a way to bring him in as a sub-package defender. His lateral quickness is his biggest area of weakness, but he still has worthwhile straight-line speed and a nose for the football.

The Baltimore Ravens should take a look at signing Jamal Adams.

Is it unreasonable to assume that a Baltimore team who helped get Clowney back to Pro Bowl level and turned Arthur Maulet into a valuable defensive back could work their same magic on a player like Adams? He won't be counted on to elevate others in this role.

The Ravens need to be leery of any multi-year contract. Adding someone with his pedigree could be a solid endeavor, but Baltimore could see this deal blow up in their faces if they mistakenly believe they have a player who can make a meaningful impact as an every-down player.