3 prospects Baltimore Ravens should avoid in round 1

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Baltimore Ravens, Jalin Hyatt
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2. The Baltmore Ravens can draft a better wide receiver than Jalin Hyatt

The one thing we did not touch on with Hendon Hooker was his offense. That is because we knew that it would be touched on with Jalin Hyatt. Hooker had a lot of manufactured offense due to the scheme that is untranslatable, and the same can be said with Hyatt.

Because the hashes are further apart, the wide side of the field is much wider in the college game than it is in the NFL. It is making slower athletes cover more ground. In those scenarios, Jalin Hyatt broke out. When the hashes get tighter, there is less space, and the athletes are on par with Hyatt, the real question is what does Hyatt really bring?

He is not elusive, and does not run many routes at all. His speed is good but is not even under 4.4, and he was under 180 pounds. When you consider his weight, he is not even on par with Hollywood Brown as a prospect. The Baltimore Ravens drafting a poor man Hollywood Brown would not go over well, and would keep the tradition alive of this team failing to draft good wide receivers.