10 burning questions that must be answered in Baltimore Ravens second preseason game

-Who can win starting jobs

-Can second-year players show they are taking that step?

-Which players are winning position battles?

-Can fringe players make the 53-man roster?

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4. Will the injury impact Tyler Huntley's roster status with the Baltimore Ravens?

Tyler Huntley has not practiced since Saturday. There is a good chance that he will not play in the second preseason game on Monday. Lamar Jackson will not play, either, so it will come down to Josh Johnson and Anthony Brown. Can either of these guys do anything to show that Tyler Huntley may be expendable?

If the Ravens want to move on from Huntley, they can save $2M. Josh Johnson knows Todd Monken more than Tyler Huntley does, and Huntley may not be as strong of a fit with the new offensive coordinator. Beyond that, if he is not healthy, it is a no-brainer.

Still, the Baltimore Ravens need to see more and better from Josh Johnson than they did in the first preseason game. He will certainly have plenty of chances this week.

Can the Baltimore Ravens win another preseason game with just Johnson and Brown, and does their performance impact the roster status of Huntley? This is a must-watch, mainly because we will always have our eyes on the quarterback.