10 burning questions that must be answered in Baltimore Ravens second preseason game

-Who can win starting jobs

-Can second-year players show they are taking that step?

-Which players are winning position battles?

-Can fringe players make the 53-man roster?

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Baltimore Ravens, Jalyn Armour-Davis
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3. What does the Baltimore Ravens cornerback depth chart look like?

The Baltimore Ravens cannot get healthy on their cornerback depth chart. The return of Jalyn Armour-Davis was marred by the loss of Marlon Humphrey. Now that Ronald Darby is also in the mix, there are plenty of questions about how the depth chart will shake out.

It is fair to assume that Darby will not play, considering how late into the week he signed. Armour-Davsi returned just as late, but he has a roster spot on the line. Will the Ravens rush him back into action? Is three days of practice enough?

The hope would be that Jalyn Armour-Davis can start with Brandon Stephens, and then Ar'Darius Washington can play the nickel. Then, Kevon Seymour and Kyu Blu Kelly could work on the second team. They may even want to slide Seymour into the slot and play Corey Mayfield Jr. on the outside with the second team.

Jordan Swann is injured and may not play on Monday, either. With Arthur Maulet and Pepe Williams out, Swann was the backup slot. So, someone like Seymour or Tae Hayes may have to slide in there.

They also may let Washington play the full game in the slot. He is still locking down a roster spot, and he played all but three snaps last week. Why not keep working him in there to make sure you like what you see? There are so many ways this room can break, and we are not sure what will happen yet.