10 burning questions that must be answered in Baltimore Ravens second preseason game

-Who can win starting jobs

-Can second-year players show they are taking that step?

-Which players are winning position battles?

-Can fringe players make the 53-man roster?

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Justice Hill, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Is Justice Hill still over Gus Edwards with JK Dobbins back?

One note from the Baltimore Ravens first preseason game was Justice Hill starting and playing over Gus Edwards. It was a bit surprising, considering Edwards has been above Hill every step of the way when the two have been healthy.

However, it is a new offensive coordinator and could be a new role for Hill. At the same time, it may have had to do with Dobbins. The thought is that Dobbins is the big-play hitter while Edwards is the grinder. The big-play hitter will start in this explosive offense, and the grinder will finish the game out.

So, with Dobbins out, Hill was the starter, the big-play hitter, the Dobbins role. It had less to do with Hill being ahead of Edwards and more to do with Dobbins being in that role. Of course, if Dobbins plays, he will start.

If the Ravens start with Dobbins and then move to Edwards, it will show that the plan is always to go lightning and thunder. However, if it goes Dobbins, then Justice Hill gets a significant role, which may leave Edwards to get carries in the second half. What would that say about his status? Or what would it say about Hill, who may have truly ascended?