5 questions that need answered for Baltimore Ravens this season

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Patrick Queen, Baltimore Ravens
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

3. Is this the end for Patrick Queen with the Baltimore Ravens?

Before the 2023 NFL draft, there was plenty of talk about whether or not this would be the last season that Patrick Queen spends with the Baltimore Ravens. It made sense before the draft, and it only got stronger after they drafted Trenton Simpson in the third round.

The team has made it clear they just took the best player on the board, and it has nothing to do with Queen. Sure. Even if they did not draft Simpson, things would have probably gone this way, so they are telling the truth in some light.

Queen has struggled most of his career. He only started to turn things around when Roquan Smith came into the fold. The Ravens saw this and they are realizing that they can go young and cheap beside Smith, and Smith will get the best of those players. Simpson is the perfect example.

The Ravens may have debated trading Queen during the draft, but now that he made it this far, he will probably spend the year on the roster. Beyond that, it helps that they can get Simpson on the field sparingly as a depth player, and let him learn behind Queen for a season. Then, next season Queen can walk, he can help the compensatory formula, and Simpson is ready to start next to Roquan Smith.

If the Ravens get an offer they cannot refuse in training camp then things may change. However, for now, the thought is that Queen has one year left with the Baltimore Ravens. The real question is, is there anything at all that he can do to change these circumstances?