5 questions that need answered for Baltimore Ravens this season

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Ben Cleveland, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Is Ben Cleveland ready to start for the Baltimore Ravens?

One of the huge questions heading into the 2023 season will be Ben Cleveland. What does he have to offer for the team now that he is locked into being a starter? The team had Ben Powers locked into the role for a few years, but he saw a serious payday from the Denver Broncos. The Ravens are not in the right space cap-wise to retain Powers, and beyond that, they appear to be excited about Cleveland.

Cleveland was a third-round pick in 2021, so they always anticipated him starting down the road. He got onto the field a lot as a rookie, but barely played last season. His time as a rookie was up and down, so some fans are worried about his progress. However, it is clear that the Baltimore Ravens do not have the same concerns.

They signed John Simpson, who fell out of favor in Las Vegas to compete with Cleveland. However, Simpson is hardly competitive and profiles more like a backup. Simpson is insurance if Cleveland does fall flat on his face. Still, the only other big name that was brought in was Andrew Vorhees, and he will miss all of next season. Again, maybe if Cleveland falls on his face this season Vorhees gets in the mix, but he may have been signed to play right guard.

So, there is no real competition, and the job will be won by Ben Cleveland. He is in year three, but his play will be a huge mystery. If his time on the bench learning turned him into a nasty finished and a potential upgrade this offense has new peaks. Or, this could be one of their glaring flaws throughout the year, the range of options is that wide.