10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 5 at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns, Patrick Queen
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9. Will Patrick Queen play with his heart on his sleeve at the Pittsburgh Steelers

Patrick Queen talked about how Mike Tomlin disrespected him early in his time in the rivalry with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He said that Tomlin told him he was not a Raven. To be fair, until last season, Queen was 0-4 against the Steelers, so Tomlin may have been onto something.

Still, Queen had an interception in a win against the Steelers last year. However, after another loss, he is 1-5 against the Steelers.

A lot of things can change the fate, though. One key change is Roquan Smith. Smith is 1-1 against the Steelers, and it is no surprise that the best game Queen played in Pittsburgh happened when Smith was on the field with him.

Queen takes this rivalry to heart, and his best play has come in the last two games. Still, his overall play has not been good. Which version shows up, and is he ready to prove to Mike Tomlin that he belongs?