10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 5 at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns, Mark Andrews, Gus Edwards
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6. Is Gus Edwards set up for a big day against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It probably had to do with the fact that the Baltimore Ravens had a big lead at halftime, but the team saw a shift to Gus Edwards as the lead back against the Cleveland Browns. Justice Hill has always been the speed and pass-catching back, while Edwards will grind the games out, so it makes sense.

Still, it could make sense for the Pittsburgh Steelers to feel Gus Edwards in this game as well. The Steelers lost Cam Heyward in week one, and their run defense has been awful. Jerome Ford broke a huge run to go over 100 yards against the Steelers while Josh Jacobs and Dameon Pierce looked their best in down years when they saw this front.

The best bet is to run straight at them to avoid Watt and Highsmith, and beyond that, Justice Hill is a bit banged up, and the team is buying time until Keaton Mitchell is healthy. Look for Gus Ewards to control the Ravens backfield for a second straight week, and if the Ravens lead at halftime, it could be a heavy dose of Edwards in the second half.