10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 5 at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers, George Pickens
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5. Which Baltimore Ravens defenders will handle George Pickens?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense is bad. We noted that the run game can be eliminated upfront, and the team is also going to be without Diontae Johnson and Pat Friermuth. So, it leaves George Pickens as the main source of offense.

Of course, rookie Darnell Washington, speedster Calvin Austin, and veteran Allen Robinson will have a presence, but the strategy has to start with shutting down Pickens and pushing the pressure on the rest of these guys.

So, who will take him on? If the Ravens run their same cornerback group, based on the way he lines up, he will see a lot of Brandon Stephens this week. However, the Ravens also may be getting Marlon Humphrey back.

Does Humphrey simply follow Pickens everywhere he goes, or do the Ravens continue to play their sides when he returns? More than that, does Humphrey step in for Stephens or the split duo of Ronald Darby, and Rock Ya-Sin?