10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 5 at the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals, Odell Beckham Jr
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4. Is Odell Beckham ready to return for the Baltimore Ravens at the right time?

The Baltimore Ravens saw Odell Beckham practice in limited fashion twice this week. They also got Rashod Bateman trending in the right direction after two straight full practice sessions. This is needed because the Ravens have a chance to explode on the Steelers' pass defense.

Patrick Peterson is far past his prime, and teams are picking on Levi Wallace a lot as well. It is not good in the Steelers secondary. However, if the Ravens are not healthy at wide receiver, they waste a prime chance to take advantage. If Beckham and Bateman come back, it will be too much for the Steelers.

Zay Flowers is good, but when all of the attention shifts to him, the volume goes down. If the attention goes to Odell Beckham, who can burn Patrick Peterson early, it could set up for a huge Flowers day. How does the ripple effect of healthy wide receivers look against the Steelers' bad cornerbacks?