10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in week four at Cleveland Browns

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Kyle Hamilton, Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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1. Will the Baltimore Ravens continue to get the most out of Kyle Hamilton in the slot?

One of the biggest notes from the Baltimore Ravens' loss to the Indianapolis Colts was how good Kyle Hamilton looked. Hamilton was dominant despite the loss, and put up three sacks and six run stops. He was everywhere.

This was the first game that Kyle Hamilton was back in the slot since his rookie season. The team wanted to move him to strong safety and did, but injuries to Pepe Williams and Ar'Darius Washington have him back in the slot. To be honest, he may never go back to safety. He is too impactful and is too close to the ball to limit him to play that far from the ball.

Hamilton has the length to disrupt passing lanes. He has strong tackling ability against the run, and he can blitz with the best. What makes him great is that if the Browns stick Elijah Moore in the slot, he can run with him. If they stick David Njoku in the slot, he has the size to be more physical than him.

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Does he stay in this role, and does his impact remain the same? If Deshaun Watson is still not seeing things well you could see Hamilton with a game-changing play in this game when he catches Watson slipping near the line or for a key sack.

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