10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in week four at Cleveland Browns

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Odell Beckham Jr, Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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6. Will Odell Beckham get his revenge for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens have been indicating that the Odell Beckham injury will not be a longer-term one. However, they also said Marlon Humphrey had a chance to play in week one, and that is just one of many things they have said that we have learned not to believe in the Ravens.

Still, as we noted in the last slide, the Ravens do need Beckham. While he has not lit it up, he has deep reception and has drawn multiple pass interference penalties. His presence helps the team. Also, he has a lot on the line in this game.

He was blamed for a lot of the failures of Baker Mayfield. Looking back, it is easy to see that Mayfield was not great, but Beckham was run out of town, only to win a Super Bowl. If Beckham is not healthy, he cannot gloat, but he is ready to go, he could be ready to show the Browns what they are missing. Due to the need for him to open the offense, and the questions with the running game, they need his return in the worst way.