10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Queen, Kyle Van Noy
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9. What happened to the Baltimore Ravens run defense?

The Baltimore Ravens run defense came in as one of the top units in the NFL. The Browns have a solid offensive line, but without Nick Chubb, they are not running the ball nearly as well. Still, that did not stop them from having 27 rushes for 139 yards between Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt. 

So, what was the issue? Like most things in life, it was complicated. First, Michael Pierce did not have his best game. Pierce had been playing well above expectations and is on pace for a career-high in snaps, so it could have been expected to come at some point. 

Still, with Pierce not getting the adequate push, this unit is in trouble. It was not all on him. Jadeveon Clowney is the best edge setter but struggled in this game. Odafe Oweh is the worst and let a few runs get outside, and Kyle Van Noy missed a tackle.

Speaking of missed tackles, this was not a game that Patrick Queen’s agent will be showing teams on the market this year. Queen had a poor game, and we were reminded why Geno Stone was not only available as a free agent this offseason he was benched earlier this year after his hot start. His tackling and angles were issues. 

It all combined for a big issue. Will it continue?