10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Marcus Williams
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6. What did the Baltimore Ravens do in the return of Marcus Williams?

The Baltimore Ravens got Marcus Williams back. This was supposed to make the defense a lot better, but it ended up leading to issues and questions. The first thing was seeing Kyle Hamilton move back into the slot role. That was a huge win and it was shown within two plays. Hamilton is a menace in the slot and he is too good there not play in the slot.

Now, the issue is that the Ravens do not have a real strong safety. Geno Stone played free safety to fill in for Marcus Williams. With Williams back, they have two free safeties back there.

The Ravens put Williams in the box a bit more, and that is not where his impact is felt. It did not seem like he was meshing well with Geno Stone. 

So, now the Ravens have an interesting question: where Hamilton is best in the slot, but they also would like him to complement one of these safeties. And if he does, where does the other safety go? Into the slot? Replaces Patrick Queen? That would not help things.