10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr.
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3. Did Odell Beckham ascend for the Baltimore Ravens?

Despite the loss, the Baltimore Ravens saw the best game from Odell Beckham in a Ravens uniform. Beckham had a 40-yard touchdown catch, although that was the only catch of his game. 

Still, his yards per route run was 3.33, and he jumped it up to 1.45 on the season. Was this the rise he needed? The reason his yards per route run was so high despite only one catch was that he actually was playing fewer snaps. 

Beckham went from 66% of the routes in week nine to 40% in week 10. He went from 27% of the air yards and 16% on the season to just 3% this week. The difference is that Rashod Bateman increased his work. Bateman went from 61% of the routes to 77%. 

Bateman did not fully take advantage, but the thought that less is more may be working for Beckham. At his age and injury status, the Ravens may be able to get the most out of him by using him in a limited role.