10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens lost a game to the Pittsburgh Steelers that they have to feel could have been an easy win. However, the team got in their own way, and the Steelers are just the team to take advantage. With that in mind, there are plenty of questions to come away from the game. What do fans need to know?

10. Why do John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson struggle so much against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Something about the Pittsburgh Steelers has been an issue for the Baltimore Ravens in recent years. This rivalry used to be back-and-forth, and even last year, the teams split games. However, the Steelers have also won six of the last seven meetings.

A lot of those did not feature Lamar Jackson, but Jackson is now 1-3 against the Steelers. This is so stunning because Jackson is 14-3 against the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. He can dominate the teams from Ohio, but once he heads to Pennsylvania, he struggles.

Is it that Mike Tomlin finally figured it out with John Harbaugh and now he has the edge? Or does Tomlin just know how to stop Lamar Jackson? Is it just weird timing? The Ravens need to beat the Steelers and even the series this season.