10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns, Geno Stone
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5. Should the Baltimore Ravens play Geno Stone more?

It was obviously great for the Baltimore Ravens to get Marcus Williams back into the lineup, but it was disappointing to see how it impacted Geno Stone. Stone went from a full-time player to just 20 snaps, which was about 30%. Arthur Maulet played 18 snaps, so the team essentially split the two up.

Half of the time Kyle Hamilton would play the slot and Stone would play safety and the other half Hamilton would play safety and Maulet would play the slot. It was a matchup-based decision, but you wonder if this will continue.

Maulet is fine, and he had a sack in this game after helping create an interception the week prior. However, Stone is younger and has been ascending in this defense. He has been playing his best. More than that, Hamilton impacts the game a lot more when he is in the slot.

Will this split continue, or will the Ravens start to lean one way or the other on Maulet against Geno Stone?