10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Cincinnati Bengals

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens, Joe Burrow, Patrick Queen
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4. What is going on with Baltimore Ravens LB Patrick Queen?

Something has been wrong with Patrick Queen in recent weeks. It is evident he is not playing the same style of football as he was to start the year. Queen hit the ground running as the sidekick to Roquan Smith. The best play of his career has been the ten games to close 2022 with Smith and the first six games of the 2023 season. However, the last five games have not been on that same level. He has ten missed tackles in the last five weeks. Queen had just three in the first games. He also has gone from 23 yards allowed per game in coverage to 52 yards allowed per PFF.

The tape matches as it has not been the same. When the Ravens were winning, it was fine, but his play was a huge issue against Cleveland and was not cleaned up by the following games. Now that he has extra time off, can he finish strong?