10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Cincinnati Bengals

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr.
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3. Is less more for Odell Beckham on the Baltimore Ravens?

The last three games have easily been the best three games that Odell Beckham has played. He is averaging 70 yards per game in the past three games, with a 116-yard game against the Bengals. 

That is a lot better than the 27 yards per game he was averaging before that. However, it is interesting to note that his snaps have gone down in recent weeks. In the last three games, he has played under 50% of the overall snaps. They are three of the four lowest snap shares of his season, and he got banged up in the other game. 

In the first eight weeks of the season, he ran 66% of the routes, and that is down to 52% in recent weeks. However, his target rate is up from 15% to 2%, and his targets per route run are up from 18% to 28%. Also, his air yards are up from 23% of the air yards to 28%. He is more involved in the offense despite being less involved in the offense. 

His yards per route run in the last three weeks is 3.93 when it was 1.10 in the first eight weeks. Less is certainly more for Odell Beckham right now.