10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Cincinnati Bengals

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Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals, Ronald Darby
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2. What will the Baltimore Ravens do on the opposite side of Brandon Stephens?

The Baltimore Ravens were without Marlon Humphrey in week 11. They had been without him for the first four games of the season, but there was still a question of who would step up. 

In the first month, the team platooned Ronald Darby with Rock Ya-Sin. Both had differing injuries, and in an effort to preserve them, they split the time. Ya-Sin came in against Cleveland, but it was Darby who started in week 11. Still, like in the first month, Darby did not play the whole game. 

Darby played 31 snaps, and Rock Ya-Sin played 19. However, Ya-Sin committed a blatant Pass interference, and it was the only thing that the Bengals offense did well with Jake Browning on the field. So, Ya-Sin was benched, and we saw Jalyn Armour-Davis for the first time all season. 

The circumstances helped, and it was a good time to get Armour-Davis on the field, but if Humphrey misses more time, would this continue? Can Darby get through a whole game? He is the best cover corner of the group, but the question with him is his health.