3 questions to watch in Baltimore Ravens secondary during preseason week one

The Baltimore Ravens have questions from the top of the depth chart down to the bottom
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Ar'Darius Washington, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Who is playing safety, who is playing cornerback?

This goes on with what we were saying in the last post. Kyle Hamilton is not the only player who will be shifting between the slot and safety this year. Brandon Stephens was a safety as a rookie, played outside last season, and now is back to safety. Or is he back to slot? Where will Brandon Stephens play, and do we see him play all three?

Beyond those two is Ar'Darius Washington. Every report is that he is still getting work in the slot, but he is listed as safety in the depth chart. So, do they want Stephens, Hamilton, and Washington, three different-sized safeties to all have the ability to move into the slot? Or do we strictly see Washington in the slot due to the lack of depth?

The same question can be asked of Daryl Worley. We thought he would be pushing Jalyn Armour-Davis and Kyu Blu Kell for the backup outside job. With Rock Ya-Sin banged up, there are starting outside snaps up for grabs, and they appear to be going to Armour-Davis.

That is because Worley is playing safety and less in the mix on the outside. Or is that just a few reports based on what they were seeing? Does Worley get serious work on the outside in the preseason due to the injuries around him?

The Baltimore Ravens have four secondary members; all of them have a shot at making the roster and playing on Sundays, and none of them have a defined position. Let's see what Mike MacDonald has cooked up.