Ranking 5 best offensive tackle options for Ravens in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens have the chance to add a starter at No. 30 overall.
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1. Troy Fautanu, Washington

Fautanu has been a late riser, as there is a good chance that he becomes the first tackle taken outside of the popularly assumed top trio. Fautanu's measurements quelled any concerns about a possible switch inside to guard, as he is not free to unleash his standout pass-blocking on the rest of the NFL as a left tackle.

With solid footwork and tremendous athleticism, Fautanu might be able to grab a starting spot very early in his rookie season. Even though he played in a pass-happy attack with Washington, his ability to flatten linemen in the run game helped Dillon Johnson almost top 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns last season.

Troy Fautanu could start for the Baltimore Ravens

Fautanu's aggression as a blocker can lead to him overextending at times, which is where most of his poor reps stem from. Getting him to pull things in a bit and play with a bit more control will be critical for him to achieve what his terrific physical talent could enable him to.

Fautanu is almost assuredly not going to be available at No. 30 overall, but he is worth trading up for. With more athleticism than Latham, experience than Mims, and technical refinement than Guyton, Fautanu is a player who can be a Day 1 starter in the NFL, and the Ravens need to realize that.