Ranking 5 best wide receiver options for Ravens in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens still need to add more wide receivers.
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3. Adonai Mitchell, Texas

While his fast teammate got all the hype, Mitchell might be the more complete prospect. At just under 6-3 with some of the best route-running and jump-ball skills in this class, Mitchell's blazing 40-yard dash established him as a tremendous athlete who won't take long to get accustomed to life in the pros.

Mitchell is another wiry prospect who had some issues with concentration drops last season, but that's not big enough of an issue to warrant passing on him with a top pick. The duality between Flowers and the much bigger Mitchell could give Baltimore a bit more flexibility and creativity, especially in the red zone.

Xavier Worthy will provide speed for the Baltimore Ravens

2. Xavier Worthy, Texas

Worthy might have one of the most succinct, simple evaluations in this. He's a 165-pound receiver who can get knocked off his spot by a strong breeze or particularly aggressive sneeze, but his speed is quite literally unprecedented, which makes him a lock to be picked in the first round.

It doesn't take a genius to see how a pass-happy coordinator like Monken could integrate a talent like Worthy into his offense. While the Ravens would lack that bigger body at wide receiver who could be a contested catch and red zone weapon, Lamar Jackson throwing to someone with Tyreek Hill speed is a recipe for success.