Ranking Baltimore Ravens in 2023 AFC North Cornerback Rooms

Where do the Baltimore Ravens rank compared to the rest of the AFC north?

Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

This is a great time to review the Baltimore Ravens roster as a whole. To do that, we go through each position and compare the depth chart to the rest of the AFC North to see where the team stacks up. This will look at just the top five projected cornerbacks and rank them from starters to depth.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Hilton, Chido Awuzie, Cameron Taylor-Britt, DJ Turner, DJ Ivey

Mike Hilton is arguably the top cornerback on the roster, but he is limited to the slot. He is one of the best slot cornerbacks in the NFL, and teams play nickel as their primary defense now, but there are a few snaps when the team has to get heavy when he is not on the field. Awuize is returning from an ACL injury, Taylor-Britt is still has to prove more entering year two. Turner is a talented rookie and Ivey is a seventh round rookie.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: Patrick Peterson, Joet Porter Jr., Levi Wallace, Chandon Sullivan, Corey Trice

The Pittsburgh Steelers have shown just a bit more than the Bengals. First, Porter was drafted ahead of Turner, and Trice was drafted ahead of Ivey. Both Peterson and Wallace are healthy, unlike Awuzie, and while Peterson is aging, the veteran pressence he will bring to someone like Porter feels important. Hilton is definitely better in the slot than Sullivan, but the Steelers can argue being better through most of the depth chart.

2. Baltimore Ravens: Marlon Humphrey, Rock Ya-Sin, Pepe Williams, Kyu Blu Kelly, Daryl Worley

The Baltimore Ravens are taking this ranking almost solely because of Humphrey. He is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL; if not, he is in the top five for anyone. Rock Ya-Sin is about an average starter, but that is capable enough. The question comes from the depth behind them. Still, they even have names like Travon Mullen and Jalyn Armour-Davis. The talent is not there, but the depth is.

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1. Cleveland Browns: Denzel Ward, Greg Newsome, Martin Emerson, Cam Mitchell, Mike Ford

The Cleveland Browns have a pretty strong group from top to bottom. You can argue Humphrey is better than Ward, but Ward is good enough that you have to go to the secondary names. Newsome and Emerson would be the second cornerback for the Ravens, and Mitchell was drafted ahead of Kyu Blu Kelly. The Browns' fifth cornerback may struggle to be the fifth guy with the Ravens' deep competition, but two through four are clearly on the Browns' side, and the top players on each are close enough that you have to lean toward the Browns' group as a whole.