Ranking Baltimore Ravens in AFC North QB Rooms

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Now that we are in the midst of the summer it is a good time to reflect on the Baltimore Ravens roster. What better way to do that than to stack them up against the rest of the division? Keep in mind that as we rank the units, we will be looking not only at the starting option, but also how strong the depth is, because that goes a long way.

Where does the Baltimore Ravens quarterback room stack up against the rest of the AFC North?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky

Kenny Pickett had a famous game-winning drive against the Baltimore Ravens, but that game said more about how inept the Ravens' offense was than it did about how good Kenny Pickett was. Even if Pickett takes a second-year leap, the talent in this room is so good that it is hard to think of how high he can jump in these rankings.

To be fair, Mitch Trubisky is probably the best quarterback in this group. It is easy to think he is a bust because he was taken ahead of Patrick Mahomes, but he is just a find backup. His teams did win in Chicago, and he made the playoffs a fair amount as a starter.

3. Cleveland Browns: DeShaun Watson, Josh Dobbs

DeShaun Watson is ahead of Kenny Pickett when you factor in his career. If you look at their last six games, this is actually closer than you think. However, for Watson, you have to be able to think that coming to a new team and suffering a suspension had a little bit to do with his drop in play. Now that Watson is not suspended, and has been with the team for a while, he is ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Still, the Steelers cut Dobbs, and while Dobbs did keep the Titans in a playoff race last year, he also lost the game.

2. Cincinatti Bengals: Joe Burrow, Trevor Siemian

Here comes the controversy. Joe Burrow has obviously done more than Lamar Jackson in the playoffs. However, it has to help when JaMarr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd are all options. Beyond that, Trevor Siemian is a slight step ahead of Dobbs, but you could easily make the case that he is the last quarterback you would want of the eight listed here. Even Dobbs has the mobility you would want over Siemiian, even if Siemian has a better track record. Tyler Huntley is certainly better.

1. Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson, Tyler Huntley

The fact is that the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are close, and Huntley puts the Ravens over the edge. However, some people will even get mad at noting that they are close. The Baltimore Ravens have never had a receiving corps like Lamar Jackson is about to have, and Joe Burrow had that the past two years.

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He now has a better offense, healthier running backs, and a healthy left tackle. Joe Burrow has had to deal with a questionable line at times, but at other times his line has been fine. When the Ravens win, it is usually Jackson. With the Bengals, they have a few different ways to beat you. However, if Jackson does not have a better season with these new weapons, he will never get this type of respect moving forward.