Ranking 5 prospects Baltimore Ravens are likely to draft at 22

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Baltimore Ravens, Kelee Ringo
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4. Would Baltimore Ravens draft Kelee Ringo?

This would be one of their riskier decisions, but it has to be considered. Last year at this time Ringo was one of the highest-rated non-draft-eligible players in college football. He had a fine season but started to see struggles in the last few games, especially against Marvin Harrison. So, that crumbled his stock.

Still, this is a third-year player who will barely be 21 when the season is underway. He also is an athlete who ran in the 4.3s. Ringo was one of the top secondary members of the back-to-back national championship defense so he definitely comes in with an understanding of complex NFL defenses, and also the culture needed to win.

He is still raw, and at times he relies on his athletic traits too much. You saw that when the athletic traits evened out, he was not as good. Still, the upside for him to be a lot better four years from now is much higher than almost anyone else at this point of the 2023 NFL draft. Do not be surprised if some see it as a reach, but the Baltimore Ravens take the top player on their board with Kelee Ringo from Georgia.