Ranking 5 prospects Baltimore Ravens are likely to draft at 22

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Baltimore Ravens, Deonte Banks
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3. Is Deonte Banks a great fit for Baltimore Ravens

Most Baltimore Ravens will be rooting for Deonte Banks to be the pick. It helps that he played at Maryland, so he already has some local backing. Beyond that, on tape, he was better a player than RIngo. You could argue about upside, but Banks was running in the 4.3s as well, so Banks is just physically gifted.

The big difference is that he may be a bit more fluid in his hips for those comebacks and curls routes. Ringo was stiff and late to diagnose, while Banks was often in the back pocket of the receiver.

This also could be what leads to Banks being gone, and them having to debate about Ringo. That is the main thing stopping this pick from happening. The size, length, and physical upside are there, and he plays the game with a chip on his shoulder that makes him an AFC North stud.

If Deonte Banks is there at pick 22, he is going to be under heavy consideration.