Ranking 5 day 2 WR Baltimore Ravens must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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AT Perry, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Is A.T. Perry a sleeper for Baltimore Ravens

A.T. Perry was highly productive for Wake Forest over the past two seasons, producing over 1,100 yards in back-to-back years. It is fair to say that it took him until he was a redshirt Junior and Senior before he really took off, but when he did, he showed a pretty sound overall profile.

First, A.T. Perry is tall, at nearly 6'4". He can win in the air, and he does a great job extending his arms away from his body, extending his huge catch radius. Perry also showed to be a pretty good athlete. For how big he is, he can move well and sink his hips.

The Wake Forest offense did not ask him to run a full route tree, but you can see in his ability to set up routes and move his body fluidly that he probably has some untapped upside in his profile. A.T. Perry also could stand to put on some muscle, as it would help him win with strength, and haul in passes against combative cornerbacks.

Still, he brings size, and that wide catch radius is something that Baltimore lacked throughout the entire Lamar Jackson era. The Baltimore Ravens pick is 86th overall. Projections currently have A.T. Perry going around the 90th pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Does that set up perfectly for the Ravens to add some size to the receiver room with A.T. Perry?