Ranking 5 day 2 WR Baltimore Ravens must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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Marvin Mims, Baltimore Ravens

1. Is Marvin Mims the best WR in the 2023 Draft for the Baltimore Ravens?

Marvin Mims would be a great fit for the Baltimore Ravens. All of these other wide receivers were seniors, but Marvin Mims is at least one full year younger than all of them, coming out as a true junior. He saw his head coach and quarterback leave for USC after his sophomore season, and then produced even more in a worse environment.

Marvin Mims is a great athlete with the ball in his hands, but more than that, he is a deep ball specialist. He sets up routes well and can get open down the field. His ball tracking is excellent as well.

Marvin Mims can also return kicks and punts, which gives him a solid role in the NFL. One of the better physical and stylistic comparisons for Marvin Mims would be John Brown. They are both downfield threats who rely on their ball tracking but have sound games in other areas.

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Ravens fans would love to have a younger, and healthier John Brown in the mix, and they can get that with Marvin Mims. He is currently going around the 76th pick in mock drafts. If he can fall a little bit further, he would be an easy draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens in round three.