Ranking 9 Baltimore Ravens firmly on the roster bubble before preseason week 3

The Ravens roster is almost set, but there are a few spots for players to sneak in still. Who has a chance to make the team?
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jeremiah Moon, Baltimore Ravens
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6. Can Jeremiah Moon make a push for the Baltimore Ravens roster?

Jeremiah Moon still has a case to be made to make the Baltimore Ravens roster. He started in the second preseason game over Tavius Robinson, showing that he has been outperforming him in training camp. It is notable that they were playing Moon in the SAM role, which would be filling in for Tyus Bowser.

Bowser is on the PUP, and probably will not be ready for the start of the season. So, it frees up a roster spot, and that may go to Moon, who is showing that he can drop into coverage. Between Moon being able to drop, Jadeveon Clowney being more of a downhill SAM player, and both having pass-rush ability, this may be what they use to replace Bowser for the time being.

Still, Moon is not quite a lock yet. We could put Malik Hamm on this list, but considering they play the same role, and Moon has started and looked solid doing so, it is fair to say that Moon may have the upper hand. Still, both of them are going to have a lot on the line when the Ravens take the field for the preseason finale.