Ranking 9 Baltimore Ravens firmly on the roster bubble before preseason week 3

The Ravens roster is almost set, but there are a few spots for players to sneak in still. Who has a chance to make the team?
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Baltimore Ravens, Kevon Seymour
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5. Kevon Seymour is climbing up the Baltimore Ravens roster

It would be hard to talk about potential roster players and not mention Kevon Seymour at this point. We had already mentioned Kyu Blu Kelly, but as we said, there is no shot that the Ravens would let Kelly get on an NFL field before Seymour at this point.

It was a small surprise to Seymour over Kelly on the depth chart, and that led to him starting both preseason games. However, when you watch the tape it is clear that Seymour is much better and has been deserving to start.

The only real reason he does not get more talk about the 53-man roster is his track record in the NFL. He is a veteran who has bounced around the NFL, while Jalyn Armour-Davis and Kyu Blu Kelly have the draft pick investment.

So, those two have to clear waivers to make the roster. Meanwhile, Seymour could get cut and immediately convert to the practice squad. Or, the Ravens could cut Seymour so that a player can get on the initial 53-man roster, which allows them to be placed on the IR with designation to return. So, Seymour could get cut initially and end up on the roster a few hours or a day or so later. With that in mind, they will not prioritize him.