Ranking 9 Baltimore Ravens firmly on the roster bubble before preseason week 3

The Ravens roster is almost set, but there are a few spots for players to sneak in still. Who has a chance to make the team?
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Keaton Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Can Keaton Mitchell lock down a roster spot with the Baltimore Ravens?

Keaton Mitchell is one of the closest players to making himself a lock for the 53-man roster. He has had a strong preseason and added an explosive run as well as a long kick return, flashing an ability to help the team in multiple phases.

He will make the roster over Melvin Gordon, if anything because he would have to clear waivers, and Gordon does not. Still, there is a decent chance that neither makes it on the roster, too. Mitchell will be the fourth running back behind J.K. Dobbins, Justice Hill, and Gus Edwards. Hill was excellent this preseason, and Mitchell did not come close to catching him.

So, Mitchell will not be needed on offense. He can return kicks, and that is great, but the Baltimore Ravens happen to be the team with All-Pro Devin Duvernay. If the Ravens traded Duvernay, maybe you could see a roster spot open for Mitchell and not another receiver. He would replace Duvernay on kicks.

However, where Mitchell stands, he is the fourth running back and backup kick return man. That does not make him active on game days, and the team needs the roster spots for players they can use when they are healthy. This will be a huge week for Mitchell.