Ranking 9 Baltimore Ravens firmly on the roster bubble before preseason week 3

The Ravens roster is almost set, but there are a few spots for players to sneak in still. Who has a chance to make the team?

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Baltimore Ravens, Jalyn Armour-Davis
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2. Is Jalyn Armour-Davis still a lock for the Baltimore Ravens roster?

Jalyn Armour-Davis is in a fascinating situation. He was a former draft pick and is only in his second NFL season, so it is hard to give up on him this early. However, he has not done a single thing to show that he belongs on the roster.

He missed the entire preseason of his rookie season, struggled immensely, dealt with more injuries, and then came back for year two in what looks like a groundhog day situation. JAD has not played in the first two preseason games, giving him a grand total of zero career preseason snaps.

All the Ravens have to go off of is poor play in the regular season and injuries. It is tough to keep buying into that, even if it is just the second season. Still, Armour-Davis is expected to be healthy this week and should get his first look in the preseason. How he plays this weekend will determine his fate on the roster.

For now, we see him making it. It helps that Kyu Blu Kelly is not pushing him at all, and as we noted, Seymour can placed back on the practice squad a bit easier. That, plus finally getting healthy, has him this high on the bubble.