Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens most likely to make the Pro Bowl

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The Baltimore Ravens had a wildly impressive 14 players make it to the top 10 of Pro Bowl voting. While not all of them will make it, the majority will get the honor, which speaks to how good of a team the Ravens have this season. 

To go over the players with the most votes and handicap which ones have the best shot at making the Pro Bowl, we are going to rank the top 14 Pro Bowl options for the Ravens this year. 

14. Devin Duvernay 13. DelShawn Phillips, 12. Tyler Ott 11. Justin Tucker

This one is kind of cheating, but it was easiest to lump the specialists together. Devin Duvernay will miss the rest of the season and is eighth overall in Pro Bowl voting as it is, so the odds of him making it are low. The same can be said for Del’Shawn Phillips, who should be honored to be included in the top ten. Still, he is also eighth in voting and may not make it.

Tyler Ott is fifth overall and second in the AFC, so he certainly has a shot, but it is so hard to handicap the long-snapper competition. Justin Tucker will probably make it, but in a down year, it is notable that he sits below Dustin Hopkins and is not the leading vote-getter in the AFC this year. 

Still, he will more than likely get the honor based on his name recognition alone. He is having a bad year by his standards but a fine year overall. While he may be more likely to make it than others, it was easier to group him with the other specialists as one. Now, we get into the top ten who are not making it on special teams.