Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens most likely to make the Pro Bowl

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8. Patrick Ricard

It actually may be tough for Patrick Ricard to make it to the Pro Bowl this year after four straight trips. There usually is not much competition, but this year there is. Ricard is currently third in voting, and he is third overall in yards from the fullback position. He is behind Kyle Juszcyk, which is no surprise. However, the newer name is Alec Ingold of the Miami Dolphins. He came on last year, but this year, it looks like he passed up Ricard in popularity from the fullback position in the AFC.

The Dolphins are the hot new fun offense right now, and Ingold is getting that love. Beyond that, the Ravens do not use the fullback as much as when they had Greg Roman. Only one fullback from the NFC and AFC will make it. Right now, it is hard to say that Patrick Ricard is a lock for the Pro Bowl.