Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens most likely to make the Pro Bowl

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4. Justin Madubuike

Justin Madubuike is having a breakout season that will certainly get him into the Pro Bowl. The only surprise is that he is currently third among defensive tackles in Pro Bowl voting despite leading in sacks by a decent margin. 

Still, he is behind both Chris Jones and Javon Hargrave. It is fair because those are the two biggest names right now in the NFL. They both paid in the Super Bowl, and both of them have made news due to their contract recently. So, fans know them from big games and big storylines. That is what Madubuike is going through this year. 

Madubuike is going to be spotlighted in the Ravens' playoff run. Then, he is going to cash in in free agency, just like Javon Hargrave. Next year, everyone will know him, and he will get votes in 2024 based on his play in 2023. Still, for 2023, he is going to make it. 

It helps that Hargrave plays for San Francisco, so only Jones is ahead of him in the AFC. He and Jones feel like the two locks to make the roster from that side.