Ranking 4 Baltimore Ravens who are most needed to return at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr., Shaquill Griffin #0
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2. The Baltimore Ravens need a healthy Odell Beckham to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Baltimore Ravens offense has been efficient in some ways, but it lacks pop. They move the chains when they need to, and they score in the red zone, but it is hard to live by this because eventually you die this way. The Ravens need to find ways to make easy yards.

Odell Beckham was helping do that in week one. He caused multiple pass-interference penalties and had a 20-yard reception. More than that, he kept the safeties back, and it opened things up for Zay Flowers. Without Beckham, defenses started to crash in on Flowers, and it was hard for him to consistently get the ball. Then, the team is relying on Flowers to be the deep ball option and do everything.

That is asking a lot of the rookie. This not only helps Flowers, but it also takes safeties closer to the sidelines, which gets Mark Andrews going. We have not seen the two healthy and going at the same time yet.

You can include Rashod Bateman in this, but he has not been as effective at creating space in the offense as Odell Beckham. A healthy Odell Beckham changes this offense.