Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens players under most pressure in preseason Week 1

These players have the most on the line when the Ravens take the field for the first time this preseason
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Baltimore Ravens, John Simpson
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1. Will John Simpson win a starting job with the Baltimore Ravens?

The starting left guard job is one of the few starting positions that is up for grabs for the Baltimore Ravens this summer. It is also a position that will get a chance to get settled out this weekend. By all accounts, it seems like Sala Aumavae-Laule is going to start at left guard.

The backup is going to be John Simpson, and the third option is Ben Cleveland. Still, by week two, the rotation can be completely different, and what these players do this weekend could dictate that.

Aumavae-Laulu is just a rookie and a day-three pick at that. He may lose the job against starters from the opposing team. Cleveland clearly is not the coach's favorite player because he went from a potential starter to working the third team and backup right guard duty. So, John Simpson can easily slide into this starting job. A strong weekend would be the base for overcoming that obstacle.

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We will see what type of rotation the team has at left guard, who gets the most work, and who ends up looking the best heading into the meat of the summer.