Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens players under most pressure in preseason Week 1

These players have the most on the line when the Ravens take the field for the first time this preseason
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7. What is Brandon Stephens role with the Baltimore Ravens?

Brandon Stephens has had a tough start to his career with the Ravens. First, he was drafted to play safety. After one year, the Ravens moved him to cornerback. Then, after the second year, they have him back at safety. At least, that is what they say. We are about to find out this weekend.

There are reports that he is playing the slot. There are reports that he is playing safety so that Kyle Hamilton can play the slot in certain packages. Heck, there are reports that he is still at cornerback. We really do not know what the plan is for Stephens.

This has to be tough for Stephens. He is now in year three, and he only gets four years to prove himself before he is due for a contract. He cannot settle into one spot, and it is not helping his long-term possibilities. So, this is a huge summer for Stephens. Whatever his role is, if he can lock it down and play it this year, it could go a long way. If they decide to change his position again in year four then he is in big trouble.