Ranking 15 Baltimore Ravens practice squad members most likely to contribute in 2023

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad could get the call to the active roster sooner rather than later
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Baltimore Ravens, Travis Vokolek
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5. Travis Vokolek needs a year on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad

Travis Vokolek was a player that some fans worried could have been claimed on waivers. However, to get claimed on waivers, you have to then join the active roster of the team that claims you. Vokole has some potential, and he showed it in the preseason. Still, he only had six catches for 63 yards overall, and he struggled as a blocker.

More than that, he does not play special teams. He has potential as a pass catcher, but no team can carry a potential pass catcher who needs to improve as a blocker and does not play special teams. You cannot waste a roster spot on that.

So, it was easy to see Vokolek make it back to the practice squad. In a perfect world, he spends the year developing all of those skills that kept him off of the roster. The Ravens have some young talent on the roster, so it is hard to find a clear path. However, Charlie Kolar is coming off of a lost season due to injury, and if anything happened to Kolar, Isaiah Likely, or Mark Andrews, they would have a direct replacement in Travis Vokolek. That is why it was so important to keep him.