Ranking 15 Baltimore Ravens practice squad members most likely to contribute in 2023

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad could get the call to the active roster sooner rather than later
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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens
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10. Melvin Gordon found his way back to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad

As we noted, the Baltimore Ravens kept six running backs when things were all said and done. We thought that Melvin Gordon could be back on the practice squad, but it is a bit surprising that they kept two running backs on the practice squad, including Owen Wright.

Still, as we mentioned, the Ravens have had to go to guys off of the street and waiver wire before, and it almost never goes well. Now, the team has options at both spots and plenty of depth in case anything happens.

Dobbins is the speedback, and Justice Hill is his backup. Keaton Mitchell is the third speed back and may end up on the short-term IR. Then, the Baltimore Ravens have Gus Edwards as their power back. Behind him is Melvin Gordon, and then Owen Wright is the third back.

This is good for Wright because Edwards has an injury track record, and Gordon is up there in age. Neither are in the long-term plans, but both hold it down for now. It buys Wright time to adjust to the NFL, and it also keeps him on the roster while he develops. Still, if something happens to Edwards, the Ravens will call on Gordon.