Ranking 19 players firmly on Baltimore Ravens roster bubble

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens roster bubble have the best chance at making it to the 53-man roster?
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Jalyn Armour-Davis, Baltimore Ravens
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8. Will Jalyn Armour-Davis make the Baltimore Ravens roster in year two?

The Baltimore Ravens cornerback situation is going to be interesting to watch this summer. We noted in the locks segment that there were only players we felt good enough giving a lock to. That means that three or four bubble players will make it, and we have about six names on the bubble. So, the odds can be high for Jalyn Armour-Davis to make it, and he could still find a way to slip through the cracks.

JAD was awful as a rookie. He was benched, and he could not stay healthy to prove himself later in the season. That led to a disappointing year. As we have noted, the Ravens made sure the depth chart was full and that Armour-Davis would be competing for everything this summer.

The pros are that he is in year two of his rookie deal. He is on a nice salary and team control. The con is that they added so many names to ensure he was not a lock. That is what keeps him at this point on the bubble.