Ranking 19 players firmly on Baltimore Ravens roster bubble

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens roster bubble have the best chance at making it to the 53-man roster?
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Josh Ross, Baltimore Ravens
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7. Josh Ross could make the Baltimore Ravens roster

The Baltimore Ravens added Josh Ross a UDFA last year, and he made a lot of noise in training camp. Mike MacDonald is from Michigan and so was Ross, so Ross was actually more familiar with the Ravens defense than anybody else at this point last year. At this time the rest of the NFL players have caught up, and MacDonald have enough wrinkles in there that it is not an advantage anymore.

Still, the Ravens were clearly high on Josh Ross. They were going to move him up the depth chart through the season but a season ending injury during week two ended his rookie campaign early. Now, he heads into training camp in a serious battle for his roster life. The Ravens added Roquan Smith and Trenton Simpson since his injury.

Also, Del'Shawn Phillips and Kristian Welch are on the roster. Ross is younger, cheaper, and has more team control, so he gets the advantage, but even the fifth linebacker spot is not a guarantee this year. That puts him firmly on the roster bubble.