Ranking 19 players firmly on Baltimore Ravens roster bubble

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens roster bubble have the best chance at making it to the 53-man roster?
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Arthur Maulet, Baltimore Ravens
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5. Arthur Maulet has a good chance to make the Baltimore Ravens roster

The Baltimore Ravens just signed Arthur Maulet about a week ago. Still, as we have it, he is firmly on the bubble but on the inside of the bubble, looking out at the players who are not in the top eight. Maulet is a classic slot cornerback who started for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.

The fact that he started last year has him expected to make the team, but the Steelers did cut him after the draft, so it is not like they loved his services. He also waited this long to sign. Still, he may have been scoping out the situation and saw that this was a good fit, right before training camp.

It makes sense, especially if Pepe Williams is on the PUP. He currently is, and if that holds, Maulet can start in the slot this year. If Williams comes back, the backup slot could still make the roster. Ar'Darius Washington is just outside the roster nipping at both of them, but for now, you have to give the edge to the NFL experience.