Ranking 19 players firmly on Baltimore Ravens roster bubble

Which players on the Baltimore Ravens roster bubble have the best chance at making it to the 53-man roster?
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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Is Melvin Gordon a lock for the Baltimore Ravens roster?

The Baltimore Ravens signed Melvin Gordon right before free agency. Considering his status in the NFL and the timing in which he signed, most would call him a lock for the roster. However, he stayed on the Chiefs practice squad last season, so nothing says that the Ravens cannot have similar intentions with Gordon.

Beyond that, we know that the Ravens will run through veteran running backs like dirty laundry. It can come and go quickly. So, Gordon is known but not a lock. His main two questions are J.K. Dobbins and Keaton Mitchell.

Above him, Dobbins is on the PUP. If Dobbins is not healthy, the Ravens need Gordon, and that is half the reason he is here. Still, if Dobbins is healthy, does Gordon get cut? That brings in Keaton Mitchell. The team would keep another back with Dobbins and Gus Edwards, but would it be Keaton Mitchell or Melvin Gordon?

Gordon has the experience, but Mitchell is more intrigued with the youth. So, Gordon has multiple paths to making it, which has him on the bubble but not a lock.